Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adopt an Omnivore

FC Herbivores wants to offer a program in which we link people who are interested in transitioning to a vegetarian/ vegan diet with a veggie/ vegan for guidance, answering questions, and generally providing support. If you are interested in becoming a "Veg Mentor" please send me an email to let me know. I will need:
  • Your name
  • How you would like to be contact (e.g. phone, email, or I can provide you with the omnivore's information and you can contact them)
  • What your current diet is like (vegetarian, vegan, what have you)
  • What kind of people you are willing to mentor (for instance, if you're a vegan, will you be willing to respectfully support someone who is only interested in going vegetarian?)
We'll probably be inventing the details of the program as we go, but mostly my expectation is that you would be available to answer questions/ maybe provide recipes and restaurant recommendations/ generally be supportive over email. Nothing too time-intensive or intrusive, I hope.

We can start offering this program immediately, but certainly may not get any omnivores until our first public event (late summer/ fall???). It would be great for me to get a list of interested parties ahead of time, but don't expect big action just yet.

Email me with the details bulleted above at


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  1. Sign me up!
    I prefer to contact the omnivore by phone, or they can contact me via email or this blog. I've been a 20 year lacto-vegetarian until last summer, when I went 100% plant-based vegan. I am the assistant organizer for Fort Veg*n and love to show omnivores how you can veganize almost they don't feel like they are "missing out" on their favorite dishes.